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Rabbit Ideas #052

Hello people! I hope you are all doing good. Let's check the good stuff for today!


  • This one is funny. After Elon Musk helped lift the GME stocks there is already this website which offers to send you a message when Musk mentions a stock on his twitter profile. Have in mind that their beta is already full, so if you leave your number they add it to a waitlist.


  • Web 3.0 is the next generation of the World Wide Web. Although the Web has made many advances over the years, many users remain concerned about the limits placed on them by its current structure. For this reason, among others, a growing number of people believe Web 3.0 offers superior experiences. Here's everything you should know about Web 3.0.


  • Easy and fun workout at home. ReadyFit is the perfect fitness solution for fat burning, strength training and get fit in just 7 minutes a day. You can work out anywhere and without any equipment. Choose the areas to work on: full body, upper body, lower body & core. Range of levels: beginner, intermediate & advanced. 80+ workouts. Great for both women & men. /Android

  • With Faden you can easily capture your thoughts. Even more importantly, you will quickly find them again. Private by design. /Android, iOS


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