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Rabbit Ideas #087

Hello everyone! This week you are going to read our issue number 87. I hope you like what you will find in it. Let's go!


  • Let's think outside the box and imagine a place where you can gather with your teammates wherever you are! Welcome to WorkAdventure: your virtual office, your digital event and your virtual campus!


  • Big tech now encourages us to monitor everything from our heart rate to our glucose levels via smartphones and watches. How much privacy have we lost to the promise of self improvement - and is it time to stop?


  • Don’t just give to charity, become a Little Philanthropist and experience the true feeling of giving like it's in-person. /Web, iOS

  • SketchMe is a simple application to convert photos into sketches with in few seconds, Point & shoot from camera or select from your photo library, and see the sketch right through your device after you pick a picture. /iOS

  • Ever emailed yourself an image? Ever text yourself just to transfer information? No more! Try Clipt to seamlessly transfer between devices. /Chrome, Android, iOS

  • ShapeDream: Learn to lucid dream with audio guides, Am-I-Dreaming reminders, and a dream journal designed for nighttime. /iOS


Thank you for reading.