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Rabbit Ideas #088

Hello people. A couple of rainy days here in Bulgaria, so I am preparing this issue with a cup of hot chocolate and some nice music.


  • With Investfora you can find inspiration for your next investment from reviews and posts by other users, for stocks and cryptocurrencies across multiple markets. Contribute with your own thoughts and views under your favorite instruments.

  • Create PDFs on the go with CrownPDF. Have a design in mind? Replicate it and download your pdf.

  • I have to say that for me the next pick is a privacy nightmare, but some of you may find a good use for it if they are not as paranoic as me.  LetsFind is a powerful private search engine that integrates       with your personal knowledge sources.


  • After decades of fiction, friction and failure, it appears that we are finally poised to realize a collective dream of that shared, immersive virtual reality known as The Metaverse.


  • Do you have too much to do? EquiHome creates a personal system for your family to divide household tasks fairly. /Android, iOS

  • With LinkBin you can easily save links on /iPhone, iPad and Mac


Autumn is nice (when it's not raining like crazy)

Thank you for reading.