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Rabbit Ideas #089

Hey guys, this is issue number 89. Let's check what's in it.


  • Making decisions shouldn't be so hard. Condorsay pairs human judgment with GPT-3, a powerful language AI, to power quick and confident decisions with clarity, focus, and alignment.


“When you choose what media to consume, you are choosing your future thoughts and perspectives and opinions. And if you choose poorly, you will think poorly.”


  • Neo Vault is a private & secure vault to hide all your private pictures & videos. Every file that you hide in the vault is encrypted by the pin that you use to lock the vault. You can unlock the app using a PIN or with your fingerprint. Your private hidden files never leave your device and cannot be accessed by anyone except you. /Android

  • CryptoPlug is your #1 destination for everything crypto news related. Bringing you the very latest news, analysis and research about crypto. /Android, iOS


I made this photo near Troyan, Bulgaria. I hope you like it.

Thank you for reading!