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Rabbit Ideas #090

Hey people! If you haven't heard yet Facebook is now Meta. More useful stuff is waiting for you below. Let's check it!


  • You can use Erase.bg to remove background from images of humans, animals or objects and download high-resolution images for free. There are countless such tools on the web today. What I want to stress out about this one is the use of the .bg domain. This is a clever marketing trick, because .bg is the national domain of my country - Bulgaria. In this case, however, it is used as an abbreviation for background. Pretty nice!


Below is an excerpt of the article, which I think says pretty much:

We should not let one company run this much of the world. Six hours is too long for something as important as WhatsApp to be down. In the West, we saw those six hours as a comfort. We were free from something many of us didn’t use much anyway. In the rest of the world, it was a reminder of how much power one company based in the United States has over their lives.


  • Matter pulls everything you want to read into one beautiful place. With powerful tools, social curation, seamless audio and more, we're building a reader for today's internet. /iOS *Android coming soon

  • Ready to learn something new in less than 90 seconds? Audify is first of its kind platform for byte-sized audio advice from experts. Build yourself as a generalist by exploring to the point byte-sized content from 12+ categories. /iOS, Android


Sunset from Sinemoretz, Bulgaria.

Thank you for reading!