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Rabbit Ideas #091

You are reading our number 91 issue!


  • Rrrelax is a little web app, which will help you to breathe deep and slow. And this is something we all need these days.

  • While you're testing the market and validating your idea, there is no need to spend a fortune commissioning a decent-looking logo. Tenscope created a library of free logos which you can use as placeholders for your projects.



  • GAME Multiplication Kingdom is an effective way to learn multiplication tables (from 1 to 10) and improve your mental mathematics skills while playing and having fun 🧠. In this times tables game, you can practice speed multiplication tables at different levels, by choosing the most appropriate world to play in. Memorise and quickly retrieve your multiplication tables by battling against your enemies and by collecting stars from all the worlds. /iOS, Android

  • Pockett helps you track your money effortlessly on the go — from expenses and income, to budgets and goals. Pockett's dashboard and charts are highly customizable which allows you to slice and dice your financial data in any way you like. Unlike most personal finance apps, Pockett helps you track your money without ever storing your financial data. All the data that you see in the app are stored locally on your device. This ensures that your data always remains private to you and gives you complete control over how your sensitive financial information is used. /iOS, Android


Stone wall. Somewhere in Stara Planina, Bulgaria.

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