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Rabbit Ideas #107

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After two weeks of competition, Beijing 2022 will come to an end today with the Closing Ceremony at the Bird's Nest, at which point the Olympic flag will be passed on to the Mayors of the Italian cities of Milan and Cortina-D’Ampezzo, the hosts of the 2026 Olympic Winter Games.

Today is also the 2022 NBA All-Star Game

🌐 Websites

  • Whether you're a freelancer, small business or large organization, on this curated platform you will find the best free online marketing tools for beginners & professionals.

  • rDrop is a simple P2P file transfer service. No compression, no size limit, secure and fast!

📝 Articles

  • If you are like me and always say you start exercising tomorrow, check these wise ideas from psychology, behavioral economics, business — and even activism — to get you moving.

📙 Books

📱 Apps

  • Livium is a digital health platform that helps you create long lasting healthy eating habits, without compromise. /Android, iOS

  • Hundeo was developed to easily teach all dog owners the secrets of a successful human - dog relationship through play. /Android, iOS

  • Mixtapes represent a time when communities were formed around sharing and celebrating music together. A tradition long lost, until now. Caset is a game changing new app that recreates the magic of mixtapes and further elevates it with advanced technologies. /iOS

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