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Rabbit Ideas #108

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Today is the International Polar Bear Day. It is an unofficial holiday created by Polar Bear International (PBI) to raise awareness of the impact of global warming on Polar Bears.

🌐 Websites

  • Black never goes out of style. Blackstyle.design is bringing you unique black products from all over the world. 🖤 I am sharing this with you mainly to check the idea and the marketing of the website. There is a lot you can take from these guys.

  • Recall is your personal encyclopedia. Google Alerts meets a note-talking tool to help you remember and stay informed about things you are interested in.

📝 Articles

📙 Books

Just five excellent science books you should read

Just five excellent science books you should read

Info-packed, engaging books about our universe and ourselves.

📱 Apps

  • Jutsu is an app which will help you digitise your handwritten notes and search through them. /Android

  • Birthday App automatically finds your friends’ birthdays and creates a calendar without you needing to lift a finger. Then it reminds you when someone’s big day is coming and makes it easy to help them feel special. There are also some fun surprises on your birthday. /iOS

  • Dadditude is the app for becoming a happier, more confident dad. /Android, iOS

✨ Inspiration

Just a quote from the first article I shared with you today:


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