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Rabbit Ideas #096

Hello people!

Below you will find the links for this week.


  • Discover one magical productivity app every day in December 2021. Cut through the noise. Get the next Notion, Figma, and Calendly before anyone else . You can receive them in your email if you subscribe, or you can just visit the Top30.App website everyday to check the newly unlocked ones.

  • Bookstash gives you the essential information from top books and you can check it in 3 minutes or less. I prefer to read the whole book, because you need to know the context to make your own conclusions, but this is still a pretty useful website.



  • With Loaney you can track your loans simply and elegantly. /iOS

  • Gain back control over your smartphone and app usage. one sec empowers you to spend more time in the real world by decoupling your brain from the perfidious psychologic traps social media companies add to their apps to make you addicted. /iOS, join mailing list for Android


Here is one of my favorite quotes:

It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog.

~Mark Twain

I find it very inspiring and believe it's not only about physical strenght. So remember it next time you need a little push to overcome an obstacle.

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